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Enjoy total body relaxation, muscle repair and rehab with the soothing sounds of the oceans tide & waterfalls. It's just like having a relaxing massage while you're at the beach.  Are your muscles stressed from workingout or your job? You've come to the right place, as a fitness trainer and bodybuilding competitor I am familar with all types of muscle aches, pains and injuries. Whether you desire deep tissue, sports or just a relaxing massage I will take care of all your muscle needs.

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I have various lotions, creams, gels and aromatherapy products to relieve the tightest muscles and will totally melt away the stress and pain.

I also have machine assisted therapy machines including Tens Units, Ultrasound and Massage sticks. These treatments are a Free Service with the massage. To my knowledge, no other massage salon includes these treatments at no extra charge.

You will also receive a free bottle of water after your massage- this is to help flush out the toxins released during your massage.

All massages are provided on a professional basis.

Enjoy knowing you'll leave feeling relaxed and ready for your next workout or work day.

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